Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Perfect Swimsuit - Take Two

After a few of our friends read the recent post on the "perfect" swimsuit, they urged me to find a few options for the hip, younger crowd. I think that was the day I was pre-PMS, totally bloated and feeling my age. I was ready to throw in the bikini and disguise my distended middle with a cool one-piece. Nothing wrong with that and I am sorry to have left out all of you super chic and young gals who are looking for great suits.
So, here is my second take on the perfect swimsuit.

Oh, do I need to mention the monokini first? It's a hot look this season, but you really need a killer bod to pull it off. If you REALLY are dead set on wearing one, opt for a little more coverage around the hip area and a style that has a deeper v-cut. I like the bamboo ring cutout one piece by Victoria's secret (shown in white).

You can't go wrong with a classic triangle bikini like this black one, again from Victoria's Secret (on sale now 2 for $24). For that matter, I would end my shopping at their store - they have just about every sexy and affordable swimsuit available.

Other sites to check out:
www.wetseal.com, www.swimwearboutique.com
and save 20% at www.everythingbutwater.com when you enter code STYLEWATCH at checkout (until June 25th). Happy shopping!

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