Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Weekly Dose of...Phobias

An appropriate feature for the Hallow-week. Even if we can’t admit to it, we all have at least one uncontrollable, irrational fear of a specific object, situation, or activity. A phobia can haunt your subconscious mind, or be debilitating enough to take control of your life. Maybe you fear graveyards, tunnels, washing your hands, or snow. Or maybe you fear something more superficial that doesn’t interfere with your daily activities, perhaps hanging on from your childhood that just won’t let go.

To this day, my childhood phobia creeps in whenever I participate in fun loving aquatic activities. Yes, I grew up in the Jaws era and I tell you, it certainly had an impact on my water phobia. You see, I can’t even swim in a fresh water lake without wondering what lurks beneath even though I know sharks need salt water. I hear the theme song, I envision swimmers scrambling to shore and pulling themselves out of the water just in time. And, just in case this fear wasn’t cemented in my mind for all eternity from the movie, my parents took me to Universal Studios in 1986. I was perfectly happy to stop the tour at the Amityville house, but no, we took a trip to the Jaws set and rode a boat past the mechanical shark that in turn jumped out of the water and tried to snap our head off. It was creepy to say the least and not helpful. Thanks Mom and Dad.

I doubt I will ever overcome this phobia, although it does get better each year. In fact, in 1999 I was able to attempt surfing in Hawaii for all of 5 minutes. Keeping all body parts out of the water while grasping the board and allowing my teacher to remain full bodied in the water (prepared for the onslaught of sharks that awaited us at dawn), I caught my first (and last) wave into shore and I was out of there (taking pics of my husband as an excuse not to return - no hon, you go ahead, seriously, I had fun - let me take some photoes...crap, was that a fin? ). Last year I tried to wakeboard and told myself that the board would be the first bite, not me, and that I could then swim to safety.

So we all have phobias, and this week is a good time to get in touch with them, explore the links behind them and try your best to let go of them. I am trying but the scars are deep. Please readers, do share your phobias and let me know that I am not the only one!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Holiday Sweepstakes Week 1

We are beginning our countdown to the holiday season and are celebrating by giving away something each week. Watch our blog posts each Monday through the end of December as we will announce the sweepstakes gift and instructions for entering.

This week, we are giving away a Kenneth Cole Down Scuba Jacket (featured in our Channeling Martha post). This jacket is awesome, brand new with tags, down filled yet lightweight in a pretty ivory color with faux fur trim on the hood. It is a women's size Large and nicely fits a size 8-10. It retails for $149.00.

Here’s what you need to do to win this and any of our upcoming sweepstakes items:

1. Check our blog each week for the sweepstakes entry (we will post one every Monday or Sunday evening).
2. Sign up for our newsletter and all entries for that week will be included in the drawing and all upcoming drawings.
3. Or, if you hate newsletter lists, place a comment on this blog post and be sure to leave us a link so we can find you if you win.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Channeling Martha

We like to get in touch with our domestic side and create things that make us feel like we are fulfilling our Motherly duties. This is especially true in the Fall. With the abundance of apple cider, pumpkin pie and farm festivals in the Midwest, it’s hard to resist channeling Martha Stewart. So one Autumn afternoon as we meandered through a corn maze with our children, Stephanie began maniacally gathering corn husks. We were on a mission, but this wouldn’t do. After picking pumpkins, she spied something near the farmhouse and disappeared. Five minutes later she reappeared with another women carrying two huge corn husks at least 7 feet tall and a barrel of hay. Never mind that we had five children plus ourselves to get home, but we hoisted the first husk into the air and pushed it through the back of the minivan over the seat, SCORE - it fit . The other was a tight squeeze, but we managed to get it in (excluding the fifth back seat in the process). Determined to leave no child (or corn husk) behind, we place the youngest child on the lap of the oldest and buckled them in the back, next to the corn husks. Then we were off, giggling and squealing like ten year olds as we made our way home, spying our cramped “children of the corn” through the rearview mirror. Luckily it was a short 25 mph drive home.

We waited two days after this tiring adventure to create our Autumn Scarecrow decked out in the perfect Midwestern farm attire, denim. I think Steph and I had more fun putting it together than the kids did (they left us for a corn fight). Although it didn’t turn out as good as the image in our minds (Martha would not be pleased), we finished it and decided to use the decoration front and center in our first blog sweepstakes. So feast your eyes on our beautiful scarecrow wearing our first item, a Kenneth Cole Down Scuba Jacket. And, to add insult to injury, a picture of me wearing the jacket (we chose the worst picture to spite my husband who said I looked like the unibomber and that we definitely shouldn’t post this one). Don’t get me wrong, this jacket is awesome, brand new with tags, down filled yet lightweight in a pretty ivory color with faux fur trim on the hood. It retails around $149.00.

Here’s what you need to do to win this and any of our upcoming sweepstakes items:

1. Check our blog each week for the sweepstakes blog entry (we will post one every Saturday or Sunday).
2. Sign up for our newsletter and all entries for that week will be included in the drawing.
3. Or, if you hate newsletter lists, place a comment on the blog post and be sure to leave us a link so we can find you if you win.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Q&A - Holiday Dresses

Q. I am looking for a versatile dress this holiday season for office parties, going out, as well as New Year's. Suggestions please within a $50 budget?

A. This can be a tough time of year for a women's wardrobe. If you don't already own a LBD or a similar dress that makes you feel good, then you better start the hunt NOW. Don't wait one week or one day until the event, have it in your closet and ready to go. We have several options in our store that are easy on the wallet and range from trendy to timeless. Get yourself a pair of simple, classic black heels (maybe in a patent leather for the holiday), or a metallic silver or gold (remembering that gold pairs nicely with warm tones and silver with cool tones). So here are some options based on your style preference:

Our Red Party Dress is sexy and fun. It is a great dress for the price and is a timeless addition to your closet, plus it looks good on any body type. Throw on a shrug or trapeze style jacket to wear this look to an office party.

For a more conservative holiday look, try our Black Sweater Dress, Double V Back Dress or Drape Neck Dress. Add some color with opaque tights instead of nylons or bare legs (we like the look of a deep purple).

If you want trendy, shiny, standout style go for the Trumpet Sleeve Shift Dress or the Platinum Party Dress.

The important thing is to find a dress that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful and in our opinion, the above meet those requirements!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

You Look Pretty Cute...For A Mom.

I have not really paid much attention to fashion over the years, usually wearing what’s affordable and comfortable. (Yes, that was me in some of the eighties pictures and I guess if they had fashion police at the time they would have arrested me: “guilty as charged”.) So as I’m beginning to approach my mid thirties I’ve started to become a bit more conscious of what I wear, realizing that at times my clothes do make some sort of statement of who I am and who I still feel like on the inside.
I was told the other day by one of my classmates that I looked pretty cute...for a mom. (She’s about eighteen and cute as a button, mind you.) I was taken back by this comment because I don’t feel like a mom, in fact when I wear this shirt by Magenta, I feel twenty one again and ready to hit the town with my friends. My arms, thighs, and derriere may giggle a bit more than they use to, but I’m still gonna shake what my momma gave me! That’s what a certain article of clothing can do for the psyche. I love finding trendy and affordable clothing that makes me look as young as I still feel.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Weekly Dose of...Proper Peeping

Last week Michelle touched on a subject very dear to me, shoes. I love the peep toe trend. It is a wonderful, classic look that can make just about any foot sexy. It's great to see feminine fashions that make us daydream about how fabulous we are.

A question I have asked myself (and you may have as well)... Is it acceptable to wear stockings with peep toe shoes? Sources say, yes. Style Bakery says to keep it simple. There are a couple guidelines. Sheer and opaque hose are both acceptable. If you are wearing a sheer stocking, sandal foot is a must. As we move into the cooler months, take advantage of this trend to hide your not-so-tan legs and any other imperfections that may take away from the star of your ensemble...your amazing peep toe shoes.

For myself, I am still working to embrace this trend reversal. I may need more positive fashion re-programming as memories of my grandmother's neighbor haunt me. She would wear open toe shoes and sandals with reinforced toe hose that would gather around her ankles. (she was probably holding on to a fashion guideline of her younger years when it was appropriate to always wear hose with a skirt or dress). As a child I instinctively knew this was wrong and I still have flashbacks, even if it is on a model in fabulous shoes.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Deal of the Week

This is one of our favorite tunic tops from a favorite manufacturer, Soprano. The square neck and bubble sleeves are so trendy right now and balances a pear shape nicely. We would pair this with a sleek pair of skinny jeans and some boots or comfy black leggings with ballet flats.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Not Just For Yoga

I am all about a versatile and comfortable wardrobe. I like to mix and match using some creativity to prevent clothing boredom. Little did I know how handy my Beyond Yoga pants would be.

They have become a main staple lately. They look great and feel even better. The first time I put them on I said out loud "Hello my new friend." My husband was in the room and gave an unprompted compliment to my booty (which needs all the help shaping and lifting as possible).

Besides being the perfect pant for yoga class, I find it hard not to lounge in them. Thankfully they have made a great pair for wearing to my office job as well. I started safe pairing them with ballet flats and layers on top. Last week I got a little adventurous and wore my Beyond Yoga pants with pointy kitten heel boots and a long sweater. I was so comfortable...even at my computer in my little cube all day!

You can find them on Lady Language. These pants are worth every penny.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Maxim Mag is Ugly

I never liked Maxim Magazine and now I have a really good reason not to. Their recent top 10 Most Unappealing Ladies is so shallow. I mean come on, listing Ugly Betty as Number 8...wow, how creative, wish I would have thought of that one.

Of course, Maxim is a borderline porn mag so this article doesn't surprise me. I only wish I had some pictures of the men that work at Maxim and maybe I could do my own spread on the 10 Most Unappealing Editors at Maxim. Don't mess with the Ladies.

View the Top 10

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Weekly Dose Of...Obsessions

It started with page 237 of the Lucky Mag October Issue. I know I told y'all that I hadn't picked up a fashion mag in a few weeks so this is what happens when I do. I think it happens to all of us at some moment, maybe only once, maybe several times per day, but don't deny it...IT does happen. The obsession. Oh yeah, I got it bad, really bad. It's not often that a pair of $645 shoes comes along that I fall in love with. The perfect pair of peep toe, patent leather heels that are a bit funky, retro and will never go out of style (my style at least). I can wear them with jeans, skirts, trousers, maybe capris and shorts? Heck yes, I would!

A compulsive preoccupation and unreasonable idea indeed. I need them, I want them...I picture myself strolling along the Avenue Marceau in mid-autumn, smiling and stealing glances of les garcons, swaying to and fro in my strapless frock with swingy a-line skirt. The parisian girls glaring in spite of my fabulous, albeit American style.

Hah! My four year old's screams of "I want more apple juice please" slaps me back into reality - at least she said please. So I continue to rationalize the obsession telling my husband that these shoes are timeless and that I can wear them with anything...and I MEAN ANYTHING (hint, hint, wink, wink). So maybe I am deserving of a $645 Christmas present this year, huh? Besides, I have never before in my lifetime spent this much on a pair of shoes. Come to think of it, I haven't spent this much on ALL of the shoes I have sitting in my closet right now.

But seriously, I won't buy these shoes (unless I find them on Smartbargains or DesignerExposure next year for under $100 bucks), but I will obsess about them. I will write about them and tell my friends about them. I will dream about them and each time I put together the perfect outfit and am missing the "perfect shoes" I will sadly think of them.

And in turn, I will be on to another obsession within the next week or so. Maybe this time I can obsess about global warming or feeding the hungry and not be so shallow.

Monday, October 15, 2007

I Am Aware

Some of us breeze through October without giving much thought to the significance of the month. I see "Think Pink" statements and warehouses full of prettily colored merchandise in support of a worthy cause. I think of Susan G Komen and women who will never be able to breast feed a child. But most of all, I think of my Step-Mother. She survived breast cancer and 6 years later is still cancer free. I feel regret that I was not very close to her at the time as I lived 1,000 miles away. And truth be told, our family had some issues with the "Step Family" that my Father had grown to love while his "real" children slipped between the couch cushions. To this day, I still regret that I didn't at least send a card or a thoughtful email directly to my Step-Mom while she was enduring the cancer. I hid behind my Father and swept my emotion under the rug because after all, she wasn't my Mother. But, she was someone's Mother, Daughter, Sister and still is due to early detection and proper treatment. She will forever be on medication, she will have a difficult time getting new insurance if she ever leaves her job, and I'm sure she fears that it may return, someday. Being a part of her life has made me more aware of breast cancer and the pain it causes women and their families.

Think Pink on your blog and head on over to Charmed and Dangerous and give a shout out. Thanks for reading

Deal of the Week

Now is the time to snap up a great pair of wide leg trousers in the perfect color of the season - gray. The manufacturer, Final Touch, makes quality bottoms and jackets at unbeatable prices and these are no exception. The slim fit and vertical stripes are figure flattering and at this great price, you don't have to worry if wide legs are on trend next season.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Ruffles For Me Please

I love feminine looking tops and dresses but they honestly don't fit my style. You will never see me sporting those big bows that are so trendy right now and I usually shy away from ruffles. My style is more classic and clean but distinctly urban and modern. So I was extremely shocked to have found a ruffled blouse that I would actually wear. It is a sheer, waist length, Victorian style by Aryeh in one of my favorite colors, black. It is perfect with a pair of straight trousers, especially in gray. The blouse is unique, well-made and fits true to size - you can get it in our store for $32 - just click on that great picture of me above.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Good Time For Savings

We are offering a special discount to our customers and blog readers for one week only starting tomorrow and ending October 18th. Use code FALL20 during checkout to take 20% off the entire purchase (including sale and clearance items). Clearance items are picked over and sizes are limited so if you have been waiting, now is your chance.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Weekly Dose of...Guilty Pleasures

I so enjoyed last weeks 'Dose of the 80s'. I started thinking about the simple things in life that bring joy, comfort and fond memories. Many of these pleasantries fall into a category I would consider 'guilty pleasures'.

A guilty pleasure is something or someone that you find irresistible, enjoyable and momentarily satisfying...and some of them may be a tad embarrassing. These things are for gratification, not usually for enrichment.

A perfect example would be my personal favorite reality show 'The Bachelor'. So staged, over dramatic and so easy to watch. This pairs well with some of my favorite reading material 'US Weekly' and other waiting room finds.

While I am confessing some of my own 'guilty pleasures' I might as well say I sing along to John Melloncamp because I know all of the words to his songs but don't own an album (I call him "The Coug"). Marky Mark is a babe and I also love perfume samples at the department stores and am thrilled they now have a spray dispense.

I find no shame in my love for shopping. Specifically for bargains. Shoes, and unique clothing are my favorites. I love scouring the sale racks for items I couldn't leave the store or site with out purchasing. My absolute favorite sale section to shop is at Anthropologie - eclectic and creative looks that inspire. Kennedy and Kate has great sales on usually pricey name brands and pieces you won't find everywhere.

I am sure as you read this 'Weekly Dose' you are searching your mind for your own guilty pleasures. Enjoy them and please feel safe to share them with your friends at Lady Language.

Spring 2008 Forecast

No surprises for the Spring/Summer 2008 fashion season. The Daily Fashion Report from Marilyn Kirschner states :“Unsurprisingly, the ‘news’ is in color, prints, transparency, looser dresses, softer pants, sleeveless jackets, jersey, chiffon, embellishment, and special occasion dressing”

Fashion seems to be in a state of status quo due to the upcoming election, economic uncertainty, and perpetual state of war. This opens the door allowing you to find the styles that work well with your personality and body type. Don’t try to look like someone your not because you will always be uncomfortable and uncertain of yourself. Here are some key points to the Spring 2008 season:

1. Color - brights are big, but not electric and soft neutrals will be a key counterpoint. We are seeing a lot of mango and banana, bright sea blue and greens, misty pinks and vintage reds, but on the flip side, navy seems to be selling well (a tip from my New York rep). The colors are uplifting and cheerful.

2. Prints - bold graphics, artsy and floral still reign. Look for styles that emulate Emilio Pucci, Christian LaCroix, Diane von Furstenburg and newcomer Tibi. Scout thrift shops for originals or affordable boutiques who know how to find current translations of these styles.

3. Transparency - sheer, chiffon, layered over a basic tank dress is beautifully feminine and not going away

4. Women still want fun, pretty dresses that are easy to wear and jersey meets this requirement nicely.

5. Focus on simple, classic looks and clean lines. Silhouettes from the 40s/60s/80s will linger, but make way for simplistic and futuristic shapes.

6. Say goodbye to uber layering, clean up your act, start coordinating and lighten up

For further fashion inspiration from designers Zac Posen, Peter Som and Charlotte Ronson(and the colors and looks in my header picture) go to Pantone.

Deal of the Week

Be sure to check out our weekly deals - a new one is released each Monday. The special price only lasts until the next deal is released. Today we are featuring a silky soft geometric print tunic. Wear this as a mini dress or layer over some black leggings and a long sleeved shirt. Accessorize with a touch of red, purple, or electric blue to give the outfit some punch.

Is there an item you would like to see featured in our weekly deal? Let us know by commenting on this post or emailing us at customer@ladylanguage.com.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Outfit Chic - Casual Glam

We put it together, you buy it with one click shopping and at a savings of up to 15%. Check out our Outfit feature on the website. Last week, we featured Trendy Girl, which is now available -and this week our outfit is:

Casual Glam - It's the fashion statement that comes in between the daily grind and a quiet night at home. Playful, charming and ready for that perfect evening out with your friends. When you get tired of wearing jeans, put on a knee length halter dress that has just the right mix of sexy and sophistication. Add an interesting necklace to give the outfit a bohemian vibe and a small clutch to add some shine. Get it all for $68 (includes free shipping and a $12 savings over buying the pieces individually).

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Q&A - White Cocktail Dress

Forget the regular Q&A where the customer asks the question and we find the answer. Today, I have a question for all of you. It's really been bugging me lately...

Q: Why are there so many searches on our site for White Cocktail Dresses?

A: I honestly don't know the answer. I don't watch much TV and haven't had my face in a style mag in weeks. I do know that the quest for the white dress has surpassed the quest for the little black dress in our store...and this literally has happened only in the past few weeks. I know that white was hot this summer, but it certainly didn't get this much attention in July. I know it is a classic look that screams innocence and looks good with any skin tone and obviously will never go out of style. Heck, we should all have a little white dress is our closet for those numerous occasions such as: marriage, second marriage, third marriage...I guess am a bit jaded being a product of divorce myself and seeing numerous friends and relatives endure it.

But seriously, the white dress could play a neutral backdrop to colorful jackets, tights and accessories this Fall since it goes well with any color. White is brilliant and bright, but be careful, too much can cause blindness and headaches to those around you (it's true). So go ahead, wear it with care and flaunt your beautiful sense of style.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Weekly Dose of...The 80s

Sometimes we get bored bloggin' about the store so we have decided to start a fun weekly segment dedicated to a particular topic. This week, we are thinking about the 80s.

Fashion during the 80s was considered a bit over-the-top to say the least. We were launched into the telecommunications age, the Apple computer was introduced and "mobile phones" became available (ah, yes, I recall my Dad's mobile phone - a beauty from 1986 with a gargantuan receiver attached to a briefcase. I think it weighed about 10 pounds). Cassette tapes surpassed 8 tracks and the music scene took off with MTV and a variety of new music styles (I was sad to see my 8 track version of Grease go). The "Me" generation was supporting middle class, family values and strong economic growth. So, what other words trigger memories of this decade?

I remember parachute pants, Adidas, bright colors, leggings, supermodels, mullets, BIG HAIR (i.e., the rooster as my parents called it), legwarmers, jellies, Reagan, Sugar Ray, Jodie Foster, Oprah, Thriller, Polo, Swatch, Run DMC, Bananarama, Video Killed the Radio Star, Firestarter, Stephen King, Calvin Klein, Brooke Shields, PacMan, Asteroids, Space Invaders

Take a big breath, there's more...

The Cosby Show, Back To The Future, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Cold War, Berlin Wall, Chernobyl, punk rock, hip hop, heavy metal, Sheila E, Purple Rain, Breakin', The Fly, Polo, preppy, Bon Jovi, Dallas, Juice Newton, Let's Get Physical

And don't even get me started on all of the fashion mistakes of this decade. I can barely look through those old photos without cracking up - what were we thinking? Take a look below at some of the beauties I have hiding in my closet.

So, where were you in the 80s? Take a moment and think back - visit www.80s.com if your itchin' for the 411. Oh, and if you happen to come across that totally awesome (pardon my 80s slang) song lyric trivia game, the answer to the hardest question worth 10 points is Colitas. Curious?High waist, pleated pants in a strange purplish pink color tapered tightly to the bottom - oh yeah, work it (c. 1984)
Voluminous top, stretch pants, bold colored scarf wrapped around waist - love the white socks peaking out (c. 1986)
Love the brightly colored, graphic bermuda shorts - a staple in my closet (c. 1985)

The essential Prom photo - big sleeves, big skirts and BIG hair (check out the gal in the middle - she played a big part in depleting the ozone layer with her trusty can of Aquanet - c. 1987).Block print shorts, black and white stripe top - a bold move don't you think? (c. 1986)

Monday, October 1, 2007

Deal of the Week

Be sure to check out our weekly deals - a new one is released each Monday. The special price only lasts until the next deal is released. Today we are featuring a fantastically soft and versatile wrap dress by Rebecca Beeson. Layer a thin long sleeve top and leggings underneath for a cozy Fall look.

Plus, take an extra 15% off by using code BUDGET15 during checkout.