Monday, October 8, 2007

Weekly Dose of...Guilty Pleasures

I so enjoyed last weeks 'Dose of the 80s'. I started thinking about the simple things in life that bring joy, comfort and fond memories. Many of these pleasantries fall into a category I would consider 'guilty pleasures'.

A guilty pleasure is something or someone that you find irresistible, enjoyable and momentarily satisfying...and some of them may be a tad embarrassing. These things are for gratification, not usually for enrichment.

A perfect example would be my personal favorite reality show 'The Bachelor'. So staged, over dramatic and so easy to watch. This pairs well with some of my favorite reading material 'US Weekly' and other waiting room finds.

While I am confessing some of my own 'guilty pleasures' I might as well say I sing along to John Melloncamp because I know all of the words to his songs but don't own an album (I call him "The Coug"). Marky Mark is a babe and I also love perfume samples at the department stores and am thrilled they now have a spray dispense.

I find no shame in my love for shopping. Specifically for bargains. Shoes, and unique clothing are my favorites. I love scouring the sale racks for items I couldn't leave the store or site with out purchasing. My absolute favorite sale section to shop is at Anthropologie - eclectic and creative looks that inspire. Kennedy and Kate has great sales on usually pricey name brands and pieces you won't find everywhere.

I am sure as you read this 'Weekly Dose' you are searching your mind for your own guilty pleasures. Enjoy them and please feel safe to share them with your friends at Lady Language.

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