Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Weekly Dose of...The 80s

Sometimes we get bored bloggin' about the store so we have decided to start a fun weekly segment dedicated to a particular topic. This week, we are thinking about the 80s.

Fashion during the 80s was considered a bit over-the-top to say the least. We were launched into the telecommunications age, the Apple computer was introduced and "mobile phones" became available (ah, yes, I recall my Dad's mobile phone - a beauty from 1986 with a gargantuan receiver attached to a briefcase. I think it weighed about 10 pounds). Cassette tapes surpassed 8 tracks and the music scene took off with MTV and a variety of new music styles (I was sad to see my 8 track version of Grease go). The "Me" generation was supporting middle class, family values and strong economic growth. So, what other words trigger memories of this decade?

I remember parachute pants, Adidas, bright colors, leggings, supermodels, mullets, BIG HAIR (i.e., the rooster as my parents called it), legwarmers, jellies, Reagan, Sugar Ray, Jodie Foster, Oprah, Thriller, Polo, Swatch, Run DMC, Bananarama, Video Killed the Radio Star, Firestarter, Stephen King, Calvin Klein, Brooke Shields, PacMan, Asteroids, Space Invaders

Take a big breath, there's more...

The Cosby Show, Back To The Future, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Cold War, Berlin Wall, Chernobyl, punk rock, hip hop, heavy metal, Sheila E, Purple Rain, Breakin', The Fly, Polo, preppy, Bon Jovi, Dallas, Juice Newton, Let's Get Physical

And don't even get me started on all of the fashion mistakes of this decade. I can barely look through those old photos without cracking up - what were we thinking? Take a look below at some of the beauties I have hiding in my closet.

So, where were you in the 80s? Take a moment and think back - visit www.80s.com if your itchin' for the 411. Oh, and if you happen to come across that totally awesome (pardon my 80s slang) song lyric trivia game, the answer to the hardest question worth 10 points is Colitas. Curious?High waist, pleated pants in a strange purplish pink color tapered tightly to the bottom - oh yeah, work it (c. 1984)
Voluminous top, stretch pants, bold colored scarf wrapped around waist - love the white socks peaking out (c. 1986)
Love the brightly colored, graphic bermuda shorts - a staple in my closet (c. 1985)

The essential Prom photo - big sleeves, big skirts and BIG hair (check out the gal in the middle - she played a big part in depleting the ozone layer with her trusty can of Aquanet - c. 1987).Block print shorts, black and white stripe top - a bold move don't you think? (c. 1986)

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