Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Weekly Dose Of...Obsessions

It started with page 237 of the Lucky Mag October Issue. I know I told y'all that I hadn't picked up a fashion mag in a few weeks so this is what happens when I do. I think it happens to all of us at some moment, maybe only once, maybe several times per day, but don't deny it...IT does happen. The obsession. Oh yeah, I got it bad, really bad. It's not often that a pair of $645 shoes comes along that I fall in love with. The perfect pair of peep toe, patent leather heels that are a bit funky, retro and will never go out of style (my style at least). I can wear them with jeans, skirts, trousers, maybe capris and shorts? Heck yes, I would!

A compulsive preoccupation and unreasonable idea indeed. I need them, I want them...I picture myself strolling along the Avenue Marceau in mid-autumn, smiling and stealing glances of les garcons, swaying to and fro in my strapless frock with swingy a-line skirt. The parisian girls glaring in spite of my fabulous, albeit American style.

Hah! My four year old's screams of "I want more apple juice please" slaps me back into reality - at least she said please. So I continue to rationalize the obsession telling my husband that these shoes are timeless and that I can wear them with anything...and I MEAN ANYTHING (hint, hint, wink, wink). So maybe I am deserving of a $645 Christmas present this year, huh? Besides, I have never before in my lifetime spent this much on a pair of shoes. Come to think of it, I haven't spent this much on ALL of the shoes I have sitting in my closet right now.

But seriously, I won't buy these shoes (unless I find them on Smartbargains or DesignerExposure next year for under $100 bucks), but I will obsess about them. I will write about them and tell my friends about them. I will dream about them and each time I put together the perfect outfit and am missing the "perfect shoes" I will sadly think of them.

And in turn, I will be on to another obsession within the next week or so. Maybe this time I can obsess about global warming or feeding the hungry and not be so shallow.


yakimafarmgirl said...

Found your site from another. Just had to comment that I saw a pair nearly exactly the same as those at Ross yesterday! For about $22. Peep-toe, black patent, back strap, platform...very cute. Probably won't feel as nice as the $645 pair but worth a look!

Lady Language Boutique said...

Thanks for the tip and for visiting our site. We don't have a Ross in WI, but I am going to have my pal in NC track them down stat!