Monday, October 8, 2007

Spring 2008 Forecast

No surprises for the Spring/Summer 2008 fashion season. The Daily Fashion Report from Marilyn Kirschner states :“Unsurprisingly, the ‘news’ is in color, prints, transparency, looser dresses, softer pants, sleeveless jackets, jersey, chiffon, embellishment, and special occasion dressing”

Fashion seems to be in a state of status quo due to the upcoming election, economic uncertainty, and perpetual state of war. This opens the door allowing you to find the styles that work well with your personality and body type. Don’t try to look like someone your not because you will always be uncomfortable and uncertain of yourself. Here are some key points to the Spring 2008 season:

1. Color - brights are big, but not electric and soft neutrals will be a key counterpoint. We are seeing a lot of mango and banana, bright sea blue and greens, misty pinks and vintage reds, but on the flip side, navy seems to be selling well (a tip from my New York rep). The colors are uplifting and cheerful.

2. Prints - bold graphics, artsy and floral still reign. Look for styles that emulate Emilio Pucci, Christian LaCroix, Diane von Furstenburg and newcomer Tibi. Scout thrift shops for originals or affordable boutiques who know how to find current translations of these styles.

3. Transparency - sheer, chiffon, layered over a basic tank dress is beautifully feminine and not going away

4. Women still want fun, pretty dresses that are easy to wear and jersey meets this requirement nicely.

5. Focus on simple, classic looks and clean lines. Silhouettes from the 40s/60s/80s will linger, but make way for simplistic and futuristic shapes.

6. Say goodbye to uber layering, clean up your act, start coordinating and lighten up

For further fashion inspiration from designers Zac Posen, Peter Som and Charlotte Ronson(and the colors and looks in my header picture) go to Pantone.

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