Sunday, October 28, 2007

Channeling Martha

We like to get in touch with our domestic side and create things that make us feel like we are fulfilling our Motherly duties. This is especially true in the Fall. With the abundance of apple cider, pumpkin pie and farm festivals in the Midwest, it’s hard to resist channeling Martha Stewart. So one Autumn afternoon as we meandered through a corn maze with our children, Stephanie began maniacally gathering corn husks. We were on a mission, but this wouldn’t do. After picking pumpkins, she spied something near the farmhouse and disappeared. Five minutes later she reappeared with another women carrying two huge corn husks at least 7 feet tall and a barrel of hay. Never mind that we had five children plus ourselves to get home, but we hoisted the first husk into the air and pushed it through the back of the minivan over the seat, SCORE - it fit . The other was a tight squeeze, but we managed to get it in (excluding the fifth back seat in the process). Determined to leave no child (or corn husk) behind, we place the youngest child on the lap of the oldest and buckled them in the back, next to the corn husks. Then we were off, giggling and squealing like ten year olds as we made our way home, spying our cramped “children of the corn” through the rearview mirror. Luckily it was a short 25 mph drive home.

We waited two days after this tiring adventure to create our Autumn Scarecrow decked out in the perfect Midwestern farm attire, denim. I think Steph and I had more fun putting it together than the kids did (they left us for a corn fight). Although it didn’t turn out as good as the image in our minds (Martha would not be pleased), we finished it and decided to use the decoration front and center in our first blog sweepstakes. So feast your eyes on our beautiful scarecrow wearing our first item, a Kenneth Cole Down Scuba Jacket. And, to add insult to injury, a picture of me wearing the jacket (we chose the worst picture to spite my husband who said I looked like the unibomber and that we definitely shouldn’t post this one). Don’t get me wrong, this jacket is awesome, brand new with tags, down filled yet lightweight in a pretty ivory color with faux fur trim on the hood. It retails around $149.00.

Here’s what you need to do to win this and any of our upcoming sweepstakes items:

1. Check our blog each week for the sweepstakes blog entry (we will post one every Saturday or Sunday).
2. Sign up for our newsletter and all entries for that week will be included in the drawing.
3. Or, if you hate newsletter lists, place a comment on the blog post and be sure to leave us a link so we can find you if you win.

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