Friday, October 19, 2007

Not Just For Yoga

I am all about a versatile and comfortable wardrobe. I like to mix and match using some creativity to prevent clothing boredom. Little did I know how handy my Beyond Yoga pants would be.

They have become a main staple lately. They look great and feel even better. The first time I put them on I said out loud "Hello my new friend." My husband was in the room and gave an unprompted compliment to my booty (which needs all the help shaping and lifting as possible).

Besides being the perfect pant for yoga class, I find it hard not to lounge in them. Thankfully they have made a great pair for wearing to my office job as well. I started safe pairing them with ballet flats and layers on top. Last week I got a little adventurous and wore my Beyond Yoga pants with pointy kitten heel boots and a long sweater. I was so comfortable...even at my computer in my little cube all day!

You can find them on Lady Language. These pants are worth every penny.

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