Sunday, December 30, 2007

Holiday Sweepstakes Winner

Congratulations to our Final Holiday Sweepstakes winner, Alyssa, who wins a pair of Scanty PJs. We would like to say thank you to all of our readers, customers and blogger friends for joining us during the past few months.

We have a lot of fun stuff planned for the New Year so keep reading and we promise you will not be disappointed. Pepper the puppy and all of us at Lady Language:


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Get the Look for Less...Much Less!

We found this great dress on and couldn't help but think "wow, how cute!" And then realized $131 is a bit steep considering our very similar version at Lady Language.

Our Black Sweater Dress is soft, comfy and easy to wear. It's a steal at $22! I love this piece. So versatile, use accessories to change the look.

Fashion Under $100 has a great ensemble to check out. I wear mine with black tights, tall black motorcycle boots and my Juliet Jewelry Domed Circle Necklace.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sure, You Could Wear Spanx...

But if you want to permanently banish those post-holiday pounds and really get into shape this year, you'll have to put forth a little effort. You will also have to make a strong commitment to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Yes, that means no more trips through the drive-through and taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Small changes can make the biggest impact. So most of you may be wondering, where do I start? Here are our top 10 methods for looking good and staying in shape:

1. Reduce the amount of sugar in your diet
2. Add protein to each meal (especially breakfast)
3. Reduce carbohydrate intake
4. Lift weights
5. Stretch your muscles
6. Get aerobic activity at least 3-4 times per week for 20 minutes
7. Move more and sit less
8. Get enough sleep and reduce stress
9. Wear clothing appropriate to your body type
10. Schedule time to excercise and plan your meals

Keep the top ten in mind and join us each week through January as we expand these tips to help you get fit (and maybe get that beach body just in time for Spring Break!).

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Holiday Sweepstakes Week 9

Congratulations to our Week 8 sweepstakes winner, Lesha who wins our fabulous Beyond Yoga ensemble. This is the last week of our holiday sweepstakes...sniff, sniff :( and we are giving away a pair of super soft, Scanty Pajamas! The winner may choose either the Dragon Night Shirt or Love Lounge Set.

We will pick the winner right here next Sunday evening. Enter to win by commenting on any blog post or sign up for our newsletter. Good Luck and and we wish you all a safe and happy Holiday!

Friday, December 21, 2007

How I Got Rid Of My $645 Obsession For $30

I too often read about fashionable women in their Christian Louboutin boots or their Prada heels and cringe at the thought of spending the cash to obtain these items. Can you imaging shelling out $890 for a pair of Louboutin Seude Ankle Boots? Or $590 for a pair of Prada Satin & Suede T-Strap Sandals? Not least not yet (those Prada T-Straps are pretty divine though- please someone slap me and take away my credit card!).

There is a cure for the ailment that is the shoe obsession and it is perfectly normal to drool over your favorite high end designer shoes (I'll even admit to cutting out pictures and keeping them in a folder for later reference...I know it's VERY scary). Now, take those images or pictures and bargain hunt. Tell yourself that you will find a similar, alternate, and less expensive pair somewhere, someday and keep your eyes peeled. If you have a clear mission, if you are relentless, and if you have time, seek and you will find. Try your local thift stores, or off-price stores such T.J. Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, Filene's Basement, Marshalls, or online shoe stores such as PlanetShoes,,, ShoeMall.

Don't make the mistake of buying "cheap" shoes that will inevitably hurt your feet. You will most likely have to spend $40-$120 on a decent pair (but then again, the bargains are out there). I recommend the following brands that emulate the high priced designer looks for a fraction of the cost: AK Anne Klein, Bobbi Blu, BCBGirls, Kenneth Cole Reaction, Naturalizer, Steve Madden, Seychelles,

In October of this year, I needed (okay, WANTED) a pair of peep-toe patent leather shoes. I knew I couldn't afford the $645 pair of Fendi's that I fell in love with, so I cut out the picture, obsessed and blogged about them and kept my eyes open. And lo and behold, with less than two weeks left to New Year's Eve (when I planned to wear the shoes), I scored a pair of Steve Madden peep-toe patent leather shoes for $30 at a local T.J Maxx. I am looking forward to standing 6 foot 3 inches (a good 3 inches above my husband a la Katie Holmes style) this New Year's Eve. Are they comfortable? I'll let you know after I walk and dance away the night in them. And, you can get the same pair (pictured above) at SmartBargains for $60 - still a decent deal and also available in Red and Silver.

And now I can happily wait at least three months before obsessing over Spring and Summer shoe styles! But, while we are on the subject, it is the dead of Winter in the Midwest and I could use some new boots...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Confessions of a Fashion Victim

As the holiday season is upon us, we are finding ourselves double booked with obligations and parties. In an attempt to make two parties last Friday, my husband and I started out the evening at our daughters preschool holiday gathering. We arrived very overdressed for Chuckie Cheese as our next stop was my office holiday party. A sit down dinner with "casino night" after.

I found the perfect black dress, red heels as pictured and of course my favorite Juliet Jewelry. I looked great.

In order to make the evening flow we accepted some help from Nana and Papa and had taken every detail into account in planning and packing. This all unraveled when shortly after arriving at Chuckie Cheese, my adorable three year old daughter has an "accident" and needed a change of pants.

No problem, as I mentioned, I was totally prepared. As I ran out to our car in the dark parking lot I hit a patch of ice landed face first on the pavement.

My palms were instantly shredded and bleeding. I tore a hole in my stockings and the skin on my knee. Most of my weight landed on my cheek bone. It started as a large egg and has now progressed into a pretty purple shiner. I was wearing a winter white wool coat that was instantly dirty.

I was initially very shaken up. I wanted to cry and go home. Considering the planning that went into the evening, I did pull myself together. We made it to my office party after a stop at the drug store for pantyhose.

This is where I should tell you I am seven months pregnant and had no business wearing heels, nor running in them! Anyway, baby and I are fine. I am a little embarrassed but have enjoyed a few laughs over the whole scene.
I wish you all a very safe and happy holiday season!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Holiday Sweepstakes...Week 8

Congratulations to our Week 7 sweepstakes winner, Linda G. - who gets to pick one item of her choice from our store!

We appreciate all of your comments and will keep this contest going until the end of the year. So, without further adieu, we are giving away a Beyond Yoga Fitted Jacket and matching Capri Pants this week! Beyond Yoga makes soft, comfortable workout wear and you may choose a size S, M, or L.

We will pick the winner right here next Sunday evening. Enter to win by commenting on any blog post or sign up for our newsletter. Good Luck!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I Didn't Need To Read That

I usually wonder what all the fuss is over celebrities. Then I find myself reading the latest write up on Victoria Beckham in Elle Magazine (January 2008). The majority of it is annoying. Detailed descriptions of what she is wearing and how her mansion is so beautifully decorated. I don't need to read that she was wearing a t-shirt, and I quote "snug enough to reveal the outline of her nipples". Huh? I had to take a second glance at the cover to make sure I wasn't reading Maxim Magazine. She claims that we don't have to spend a lot of money to look good and that it is all about being sensible and mixing and matching. So then I look at the fashion spread featuring a pair of $295 sunglasses, $695 shoes and $5,520 jacket. I see nothing affordable about this. I want to see her wearing a pair of $15 sunglasses, $75 pair of shoes, and a $112 jacket. Now that is affordable and attainable fashion.

The truth is, I have always liked Victoria because I believe there is more depth to her than all of this primping and posing. She was raised by a modest family who worked hard for a living. They taught her poise and manners and she has carried this into her adult life. She seems to be a smart business women (aside from the affordable fashion misshap) and is actually quite down to earth. We could all learn a lesson from the lovely Mrs. Beckham. She admittedly claims to be "not good at anything". That is refreshing to hear because I am really not that good at anything either. And, I am definitely not very good at enduring childhood trauma, joining a pop group sensation, marrying an iconic soccer player, becoming filthy rich, and starting my own clothing and makeup line.

Can you imagine her as a child all awkward and pimply with mean girls launching stones in her direction? happened, and I bet the girls that threw stones were huddling together at her latest concert hoping she wouldn't spy them (or maybe jumping up and down and stupidly screaming "I went to school with her!"). Kids are so cruel sometimes (especially girls). So let this all be a lesson to all you mean girls...that geeky, chubby, pimply chic could someday be the next Madonna...or Victoria Beckham. And, if you are truly interested in hearing some juicy details about the Spice Girls reunion tour, check out Daddy Likey - Winona was within 15 feet of Mr. Beckham. And, if you are curious about Mrs. Beckham, check out her recent appearance on Ellen. And yes, for some insane reason that I have yet to define in my subconscious mind, I am eternally jealous of anyone going to a Spice Girls reunion concert...and literally embarrassed for having to blog about it!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Dress Me Up

I will turn 36 in January and find myself stuck between wanting to wear the styles I did in my twenties and simultaneously trying to incorporate my increasingly older and more conservative (and yes, Mommish) side. Sometimes, I feel as if I am too old to wear youthful clothing, but not ready to let go of these clothing styles that I find so appealing. So, during a recent photo shoot I actually tried on some of our clothing and you know what...I kind of liked it.

I am wearing two of my favorite "surprise" outfits here (surprise meaning items I wouldn't usually pick for myself because they seem youngish). I paired the babydoll dress with a feminine blouse and a long grandpa cardigan and opaque tights. While the look is young, I felt comfortable and girly. Plus, the gold threaded, wool jumper is so comfortable, well-made and affordable. My shoe options are endless with this outfit - mary jane pumps, booties or high boots.

The sequin mini dress was a total surprise. I may actually wear this out for the New Year - it is so fun and sexy. I have long legs so the length is perfect and the fitted shape helps define my hourglass (almost pear shaped) figure. I would throw on some sleek heels (probably black to maintain a long, lean line) and carry a shawl for warmth (probably red or blue). So for those of you out there in my situation, give it a try. Remember to look for styles that showcase your favorite features (in my case, it would be the legs) and minimize your less favorite features.

I'd love to hear your honest opinions on dressing your age. Should I give up on the younger styles? And does anyone else find themselves in a similar situation?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Stop...Hammer Time

Oh yeah, THEY'RE BACK. Since the majority of us who work here are children of the 80s we just had to mention that Zubaz are back. For those of you who missed this fab trend, let us take a moment to fill you in...

The late 80s experienced an explosion in the Hip Hop, Rap movement and with it came an exuberant, dare to be different style. There were many break-out artists in this genre, but we recall M.C. Hammer taking center stage sporting the "Hammer Pants" or Zubaz. Belting out "Hammer Time" and "U Can't Touch This" he would side step in a plie type fashion across the stage in these baggy pants. Wikipidia refers to the "Hammer" pants as parachute pants. NO WAY! We were there and we know they are the Zubaz (although they were a bit silkier and baggier than the current version - maybe a cross between the Zubaz and parachute pants). We all wanted a pair (seriously, we did...well, maybe not Jessica). I think today most wear these pants for athletic endeavors (so in Hammer's case, dancing in these was very appropriate).

So check out the Zubaz site if you are itching to step back in time. We recommend the black and white zebra stripe. Pair with our Rebecca Beeson Modal 80s top and you'll be good to go (M.C. Hammer here we come!). And did you know M.C. Hammer has a blog? To legit to quit, hey, hey...indeed.

**We are in no way affiliated with Zubaz or M.C. Hammer, we just feel a dose of humor is needed occasionally on this blog!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Get the look for less...Much less

There are few times during the year we can wear sequin covered clothing. This is one of them!

You absolutely do not have to spend $145 on a very tiny skirt. We have a great substitute for the Daria Sequin Mini Skirt at Active Endeavors.

This is such an easy look to pull together that is totally festive and very hot. Try Lady Language's Black Sequin Mini Skirt for $24 & Criss Cross Halter for $22 with black tights and a great pair of heels.

I wish I had a party to go to, I'd wear this.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Favorite Words Tag

Neena over at Neen Machine has tagged me to answer the question, what are my favorite words?

And since my brain is a bit fried from the holiday shopping season, I am going to copy her idea and write about my favorite non-words:

1. Mimbo - If you have seen the movie Happy Feet, the penquin's name is Mumble, but my four year old insists it is Mimbo.
2. Egstastic - somewhere between fantastic and exciting in a four year old's mind.

3. Tire Iron Saurus - a close cousin of Tyrannosaurus Rex.

4. Candy Can - You know, those cane like candies that hang on the Christmas Tree.

5. Seestall - according to my four year old is an animal that is very strong and has to be covered with blankets so they won't "get dead" (should I be worried about this?)

Yes, children are great and have wonderful imaginations. So please tag yourselves and let us know your favorite word (or non-words).

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Holiday Sweepstakes Week 7

Congratulations to our Week 6 sweepstakes winner, hme (who needs to contact us because we can't find you! - email us please at to claim your winnings!).

We are simply having so much fun with this contest and have enjoyed reading all of your comments. We have found many great new blogs out there as well. So, once again, please leave a comment to win this week's prize which is...drum roll please...Winner's Choice! Our winner may pick one item from our site. So if you need a last minute holiday gift or a special party dress, we've got you covered.

We will pick the winner right here next Sunday evening. Enter to win by commenting on any blog post or sign up for our newsletter. Good Luck!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

If Chanel Were A Roller Disco Queen...

She certainly would have designed this cardigan for her ensemble. Classic, yet glistening with a 70s Saturday Night Fever vibe. And only $495 from JCrew. If the price makes you cringe, keep reading!

Glitter and sequins are taking center stage this holiday season so we are thinking of our favorite icons and how they would wear current styles. Plus, we feature some steals and deals to help you emulate the designer look with lively elegance.

1. Lita Ford and Joan Jett were two heavy metal girl rockers. You may not know that they formed a 70s all-girl rock band, The Runaways, but we are sure you know Jett for "I Love Rock and Roll", and Ford for "Kiss Me Deadly" (man, I still love those songs). If they had to wear a dress, these icons surely would rock the town in this sequin mini from Miss Davenport (available at ShopBop for $825 - they could afford it).

2. Mariah Carey (aka, Mimi) was the R&B pop icon of the 90s who is still going strong. We have secretly belted out her "Shake It Off" tune in the car on may occasions. She has a sexy, glamorous style that requires an iconic frock like this Shimmering Gold Cocktail Dress from LaFemme, available at eDressme $318 (she could by all of us one at this price).

3. Louise Brooks was a considerable icon in the 20s who embodied the jazzy, flapper style. We picture her in the What Comes Around Goes Around Dress at ShopBop for $698.

4. Victoria Beckham - Ahh, the world just wouldn't be right without mentioning the lovely Mrs. Beckham, especially with her upcoming spotlight on Barbara Walter's top 10 intriguing persons and the Spice Girl's comeback tour in 2008. No matter what is said about this gal, we love her and see her sporting the BCBG Sequin Party Dress $460 from eDressMe:

5. And since Britney Spears is always in the news (come on, leave the poor girl alone so she can get over her issues already!), we can see her wearing this Chloe Fine Checked Mini Skirt available at Net-a-Porter UK for £862.00 (but she probably wouldn't wear tights, or underwear so we urge you to please, please don't showcha your chocha - represent the ladies).

If you don't have the cash to splurge on one of these divine dresses, we've got you covered. There are a few finds under $100 that, in our opinion, will not make you look cheap. Make sure the dress or skirt has FULL sequins (it looks seriously funny if you have glitter in the front, and none to the back - a definite no no) and wear with opaque leggings. Our top picks:

1. Black Sequin Mini Dress from Lady Language ($36) has sex appeal and an elegant look with the petite sequins.
2. Zig Zag Sequin Mini from The Fusion Boutique ($34.99) has a 60s psychedelic vibe in silver and black.
3. Black Sequin Dress from Windsor $79
4. The Bailey 44 Sequin Tank Dress is on sale at Shop Intuition for $86.99 in only a M and L so hurry, this deal won't last until the New Year.
5. Find glamor and sophistication in the Forever21 Sequin Gown ($39.80).
6. Black Sequin Mini Skirt from Lady Language $24 is hot. This is a risky skirt and you won't wear it too often, so why spend a fortune?

And of course, you can always scour the thrift shops for that perfect party dress. Give us a shout if you come across any other good deals!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The party look for less...much less

This is a radiant look for any holiday occasion. This cute strappy number is at for $299.

Check our just as sexy option for so much less. Lady Language's Sparkle Mini Dress for $34 will let you pay the heating bill this month.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Holiday Sweepstakes Week 6

Congratulations to our Week 5 sweepstakes winner, Jamie T. Thanks everyone for your blog comments and signing up for our newsletter. This week, we are giving away a surprise grab bag that will include two items from Saint Grace and one item from Juliet Jewelry. These items are perfect for yourself or to give as a gift.

We will pick the winner right here next Sunday evening. Enter to win by commenting on any blog post or sign up for our newsletter. Good Luck!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

I Want More Polyvore

So we stumbled across this cool site recently named Polyvore. In a nutshell, it is a web-based application that allows you to save items from a web-store and load these items into a virtual dressing room to create outfits. Pretty cool, huh? We thought so and we have been playing around with it for the past week. We'll be the first to admit that pulling together pictures of outfits on our site can be time consuming and painful (a lot of opening, editing, pasting, saving - not to mention loading into the web page and mapping the links). The beauty of Polyvore is that the application does all of this work. With a few clicks, it pulls in the image and adds it to your list. When you use the item in an outfit, the link and store information appear below. Plus, you can use items from multiple sites easily in one outfit. You can then embed your saved outfits in a web page or blog (below is the first outfit we created - if you click on it, you will be sent to our Polyvore page and you can view the outfit ingredients):