Monday, December 10, 2007

Favorite Words Tag

Neena over at Neen Machine has tagged me to answer the question, what are my favorite words?

And since my brain is a bit fried from the holiday shopping season, I am going to copy her idea and write about my favorite non-words:

1. Mimbo - If you have seen the movie Happy Feet, the penquin's name is Mumble, but my four year old insists it is Mimbo.
2. Egstastic - somewhere between fantastic and exciting in a four year old's mind.

3. Tire Iron Saurus - a close cousin of Tyrannosaurus Rex.

4. Candy Can - You know, those cane like candies that hang on the Christmas Tree.

5. Seestall - according to my four year old is an animal that is very strong and has to be covered with blankets so they won't "get dead" (should I be worried about this?)

Yes, children are great and have wonderful imaginations. So please tag yourselves and let us know your favorite word (or non-words).


Jessi said...

Lmao, so cute!! I love how kids can make up new words and make them simply adorable. My 9 year old cousin (my mom has custody of the girls, so they're becoming more like little sisters) has given more thought to her interest in animals and has decided to become a vegetarian. It's only been a couple weeks, but she's doing great...and her 5 and 6 year old sisters are intrigued by it. Because she's also "always wanted to be" a veterinarian, the 6 year old keeps calling her a "vetritarian"....she only like meat that isn't dead yet. Hehe.

Lady Language said...

hi jessi - you crack me up! thanks for sharing this cute story :)

Anonymous said...

funny cos my son came back today saying one of the kings had brought tar for the baby Jesus. It took ages for us to work out what he meant. Apparently they had been singing the Carol "We three Kings of Orient Are" and he had got confused between those other things he had never heard of (frankinsense and myrhh) and the words of the carol and thought "Orient Are" was "Ori and Tar" and that was what the kings bought for the baby Jesus. I"m surprised Jesus didn't turn out to be a major highway construction company boss really.

Children are so funny! Well, some of the time!

Lady Language said...

hey reluctant - good to see you. That is too funny...tar for the baby Jesus!

the iron chic said...

I'm so negative.
I can only think of words that I hate, so:


Lady Language said...

hehe - re-donk-ulous is now my new favorite word iron chic!