Thursday, December 6, 2007

If Chanel Were A Roller Disco Queen...

She certainly would have designed this cardigan for her ensemble. Classic, yet glistening with a 70s Saturday Night Fever vibe. And only $495 from JCrew. If the price makes you cringe, keep reading!

Glitter and sequins are taking center stage this holiday season so we are thinking of our favorite icons and how they would wear current styles. Plus, we feature some steals and deals to help you emulate the designer look with lively elegance.

1. Lita Ford and Joan Jett were two heavy metal girl rockers. You may not know that they formed a 70s all-girl rock band, The Runaways, but we are sure you know Jett for "I Love Rock and Roll", and Ford for "Kiss Me Deadly" (man, I still love those songs). If they had to wear a dress, these icons surely would rock the town in this sequin mini from Miss Davenport (available at ShopBop for $825 - they could afford it).

2. Mariah Carey (aka, Mimi) was the R&B pop icon of the 90s who is still going strong. We have secretly belted out her "Shake It Off" tune in the car on may occasions. She has a sexy, glamorous style that requires an iconic frock like this Shimmering Gold Cocktail Dress from LaFemme, available at eDressme $318 (she could by all of us one at this price).

3. Louise Brooks was a considerable icon in the 20s who embodied the jazzy, flapper style. We picture her in the What Comes Around Goes Around Dress at ShopBop for $698.

4. Victoria Beckham - Ahh, the world just wouldn't be right without mentioning the lovely Mrs. Beckham, especially with her upcoming spotlight on Barbara Walter's top 10 intriguing persons and the Spice Girl's comeback tour in 2008. No matter what is said about this gal, we love her and see her sporting the BCBG Sequin Party Dress $460 from eDressMe:

5. And since Britney Spears is always in the news (come on, leave the poor girl alone so she can get over her issues already!), we can see her wearing this Chloe Fine Checked Mini Skirt available at Net-a-Porter UK for £862.00 (but she probably wouldn't wear tights, or underwear so we urge you to please, please don't showcha your chocha - represent the ladies).

If you don't have the cash to splurge on one of these divine dresses, we've got you covered. There are a few finds under $100 that, in our opinion, will not make you look cheap. Make sure the dress or skirt has FULL sequins (it looks seriously funny if you have glitter in the front, and none to the back - a definite no no) and wear with opaque leggings. Our top picks:

1. Black Sequin Mini Dress from Lady Language ($36) has sex appeal and an elegant look with the petite sequins.
2. Zig Zag Sequin Mini from The Fusion Boutique ($34.99) has a 60s psychedelic vibe in silver and black.
3. Black Sequin Dress from Windsor $79
4. The Bailey 44 Sequin Tank Dress is on sale at Shop Intuition for $86.99 in only a M and L so hurry, this deal won't last until the New Year.
5. Find glamor and sophistication in the Forever21 Sequin Gown ($39.80).
6. Black Sequin Mini Skirt from Lady Language $24 is hot. This is a risky skirt and you won't wear it too often, so why spend a fortune?

And of course, you can always scour the thrift shops for that perfect party dress. Give us a shout if you come across any other good deals!


KreativeMix said...

pretty fab!! Thanks for stopping by the Sassy blog!! Poor Jenn...... i'm sure santa will bring her brad...... um, i meant to say, a boyfriend........ hehehehehehe

PG said...

The cardigan you link isn't nearly as bad as the horrible disco cardigan on the Jcrew site when you look for gifts "for the girl who has everything." Although at least a cardigan has a function. The first gift featured on that "girl who has everything" list is really bizarre.

Lady Language said...

Ha - Sassy, you are hilarious and thanks for stopping by again and again...
pg - I'm with ya - that cheetah belt is bizarre to say the least - maybe it would look better on? I would love that Glitterati Mini though!