Friday, December 14, 2007

Dress Me Up

I will turn 36 in January and find myself stuck between wanting to wear the styles I did in my twenties and simultaneously trying to incorporate my increasingly older and more conservative (and yes, Mommish) side. Sometimes, I feel as if I am too old to wear youthful clothing, but not ready to let go of these clothing styles that I find so appealing. So, during a recent photo shoot I actually tried on some of our clothing and you know what...I kind of liked it.

I am wearing two of my favorite "surprise" outfits here (surprise meaning items I wouldn't usually pick for myself because they seem youngish). I paired the babydoll dress with a feminine blouse and a long grandpa cardigan and opaque tights. While the look is young, I felt comfortable and girly. Plus, the gold threaded, wool jumper is so comfortable, well-made and affordable. My shoe options are endless with this outfit - mary jane pumps, booties or high boots.

The sequin mini dress was a total surprise. I may actually wear this out for the New Year - it is so fun and sexy. I have long legs so the length is perfect and the fitted shape helps define my hourglass (almost pear shaped) figure. I would throw on some sleek heels (probably black to maintain a long, lean line) and carry a shawl for warmth (probably red or blue). So for those of you out there in my situation, give it a try. Remember to look for styles that showcase your favorite features (in my case, it would be the legs) and minimize your less favorite features.

I'd love to hear your honest opinions on dressing your age. Should I give up on the younger styles? And does anyone else find themselves in a similar situation?


Anonymous said...

No, def don't give up the younger style. I am a bit like you - a lot like you actually looking at your photo. I occasionally wear a quite short black and white polka dot skirt - it is a rather frivolous item of clothing but whenever I wear it I feel good and whenever I wear it people tell me I look good and yet it is not really appropriate for a 41 year old is it???

You have great legs. My legs are my best asset too but I do sometimes wonder whether short is appropriate as a dress/skirt length post-40. Perhaps I'll give them up when I get to 50!!!

Thank you for adding me as a friend - that is really sweet of you!

Lady Language said...

Thanks reluctant! I appreciate your input as it seems we are a bit similar minded. I think I too will give up on the short skirts/shorts/dresses once my knees start to sag -probably after 50. I guess as long as you look and feel good in what you're wearing, it doesn't matter.

Jessi said...

I actually didn't see that first one as that "young," to be honest, and then you broke down what exactly you were wearing, so it made sense. I think it incorporated both your "young" side and your "mommy" side quite well.

The second one was an instant hit with me. That one said "I'm a mom, but I'm a *hot* mama"...without being too revealing and it definitely didn't imply that you were trying to use the younger just plain looks good! It definitely showed off your legs and would be perfect for the holidays, I think. And if you get cold or are going to a place where you don't want to show off the shoulders, too, then pairing it with a light shawl or cardigan still shows off your best feature and makes you look amazing. Great choices!

Lady Language said...

Thanks for you comments Jessi - maybe I am getting the hang of incorporating my younger mindset and look without being over the top. I appreciate the input!