Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Confessions of a Fashion Victim

As the holiday season is upon us, we are finding ourselves double booked with obligations and parties. In an attempt to make two parties last Friday, my husband and I started out the evening at our daughters preschool holiday gathering. We arrived very overdressed for Chuckie Cheese as our next stop was my office holiday party. A sit down dinner with "casino night" after.

I found the perfect black dress, red heels as pictured and of course my favorite Juliet Jewelry. I looked great.

In order to make the evening flow we accepted some help from Nana and Papa and had taken every detail into account in planning and packing. This all unraveled when shortly after arriving at Chuckie Cheese, my adorable three year old daughter has an "accident" and needed a change of pants.

No problem, as I mentioned, I was totally prepared. As I ran out to our car in the dark parking lot I hit a patch of ice landed face first on the pavement.

My palms were instantly shredded and bleeding. I tore a hole in my stockings and the skin on my knee. Most of my weight landed on my cheek bone. It started as a large egg and has now progressed into a pretty purple shiner. I was wearing a winter white wool coat that was instantly dirty.

I was initially very shaken up. I wanted to cry and go home. Considering the planning that went into the evening, I did pull myself together. We made it to my office party after a stop at the drug store for pantyhose.

This is where I should tell you I am seven months pregnant and had no business wearing heels, nor running in them! Anyway, baby and I are fine. I am a little embarrassed but have enjoyed a few laughs over the whole scene.
I wish you all a very safe and happy holiday season!


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, Michelle. I'm glad you are OK. I had no idea you were pregnant - congratulations! Perhaps you should not try to do quite so much eh???

Have a lovely Christmas and make sure you let others run around after you!

Lady Language said...

Hi reluctant - thanks so much for your concern, but no, I am not prego (two kids are quite enough for me!). My sisters Jessica and Stephanie help with the store and blog and this unfortunate accident happened to Jessica over the weekend.

the iron chic said...

Sorry about your fall!
I fell down the stairs at my brother's house this year and I could barely walk for a week.
Hey, if you like your man in shorts, that's cool.
Those are just my rules. My friends think I'm harsh.

Lady Language said...

thanks for caring iron chic!

Jessi said...

Oh my! 0.0 I'm so glad you're both okay, geesh. And at the beginning of the post, I found myself wanting to tell you how hot those red shoes were....but now I'm reconsidering, hehe. So did the party turn out okay, then? And how's your face looking now?

(And of course, those are directed at Jessica, lol....don't want to get everybody confused.)

Jessica said...

The party was actually fun. My eye has been the talk of the office this week! It has been an array of pretty purples with hints of yellow.