Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sure, You Could Wear Spanx...

But if you want to permanently banish those post-holiday pounds and really get into shape this year, you'll have to put forth a little effort. You will also have to make a strong commitment to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Yes, that means no more trips through the drive-through and taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Small changes can make the biggest impact. So most of you may be wondering, where do I start? Here are our top 10 methods for looking good and staying in shape:

1. Reduce the amount of sugar in your diet
2. Add protein to each meal (especially breakfast)
3. Reduce carbohydrate intake
4. Lift weights
5. Stretch your muscles
6. Get aerobic activity at least 3-4 times per week for 20 minutes
7. Move more and sit less
8. Get enough sleep and reduce stress
9. Wear clothing appropriate to your body type
10. Schedule time to excercise and plan your meals

Keep the top ten in mind and join us each week through January as we expand these tips to help you get fit (and maybe get that beach body just in time for Spring Break!).


the iron chic said...

I'm planning on eating an entire Italian Christmas cake over the next couple of days. You know the ones that come in a box?
There is nothing nutritious about that...

Lady Language said...

Mmmm...sounds delicious. I once wanted to eat an entire box of chocolate donuts over the course of two days, but by day two, I couldn't even look at the box.

the iron chic said...

I'm doing well. I've been eating it for breakfast. I guess maybe if I have a baby some day, I will have to get some comfy draw string pants and then I will eat my words!!!!!

Lady Language said...

Still eating the cake or has it gotten the best of you iron chic? Don't worry, after you battle with 25 plus extra pounds and push a 9 pound child through your vagina, you will be sporting those draw strings (and then you'll burn the ugly pants and any pictures of you in them three months later).