Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Stop...Hammer Time

Oh yeah, THEY'RE BACK. Since the majority of us who work here are children of the 80s we just had to mention that Zubaz are back. For those of you who missed this fab trend, let us take a moment to fill you in...

The late 80s experienced an explosion in the Hip Hop, Rap movement and with it came an exuberant, dare to be different style. There were many break-out artists in this genre, but we recall M.C. Hammer taking center stage sporting the "Hammer Pants" or Zubaz. Belting out "Hammer Time" and "U Can't Touch This" he would side step in a plie type fashion across the stage in these baggy pants. Wikipidia refers to the "Hammer" pants as parachute pants. NO WAY! We were there and we know they are the Zubaz (although they were a bit silkier and baggier than the current version - maybe a cross between the Zubaz and parachute pants). We all wanted a pair (seriously, we did...well, maybe not Jessica). I think today most wear these pants for athletic endeavors (so in Hammer's case, dancing in these was very appropriate).

So check out the Zubaz site if you are itching to step back in time. We recommend the black and white zebra stripe. Pair with our Rebecca Beeson Modal 80s top and you'll be good to go (M.C. Hammer here we come!). And did you know M.C. Hammer has a blog? To legit to quit, hey, hey...indeed.

**We are in no way affiliated with Zubaz or M.C. Hammer, we just feel a dose of humor is needed occasionally on this blog!


KreativeMix said...

oh my........LOL!! no, i didn't know he had a blog....... is it legit?? hehehehehe. couldn't help myself.

Lady Language said...

yeah...quite funny isn't it - and I believe it is "legit" because I saw pics of the kids...thanks for dropping by!