Monday, October 15, 2007

I Am Aware

Some of us breeze through October without giving much thought to the significance of the month. I see "Think Pink" statements and warehouses full of prettily colored merchandise in support of a worthy cause. I think of Susan G Komen and women who will never be able to breast feed a child. But most of all, I think of my Step-Mother. She survived breast cancer and 6 years later is still cancer free. I feel regret that I was not very close to her at the time as I lived 1,000 miles away. And truth be told, our family had some issues with the "Step Family" that my Father had grown to love while his "real" children slipped between the couch cushions. To this day, I still regret that I didn't at least send a card or a thoughtful email directly to my Step-Mom while she was enduring the cancer. I hid behind my Father and swept my emotion under the rug because after all, she wasn't my Mother. But, she was someone's Mother, Daughter, Sister and still is due to early detection and proper treatment. She will forever be on medication, she will have a difficult time getting new insurance if she ever leaves her job, and I'm sure she fears that it may return, someday. Being a part of her life has made me more aware of breast cancer and the pain it causes women and their families.

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