Friday, May 18, 2007

Cool Summer Tees

I am always on the lookout for chic and affordable summer tee shirts. I favor the urban look and love screen prints and feminine details. I frequently shop the internet to find unique items and designs.

If you haven't visited, please do. It is a great site for all things handmade and you can find some great bargains and very unique items. I like the poofy sleeved tee (shown at left) by Flux Productions for $35.

Global Girlfriend is a good site if you are looking for organic items from a fair trade boutique. I visited the site recently and found a pretty, basic top with a scoop neck and flowy design (shown at right) in a sweet berry color for $24.

And don't be afraid to visit some of the junior clothing stores. I am in my mid-30s and wear a lot of shirts that are made for the younger crowd, but it fits my style. One of my faves this season is the Stencil V-neck by Ransom (sold at Alloy stores) in purple on the left. I love the deep v-neck and gathering details - it's an all around feminine tee with an urban edge $19.50.

Also, check out chicchemise which is a site for all things related to t-shirts. This site will keep you updated on the latest trend and finds if you are a serious tee gal. It is also a fun read.