Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Swimsuit Season

This weekend got me thinking about the dreaded swimsuit season. It’s here gals, and if you need a good suit, you should have started shopping by now. Don’t wait until mid June, because the selection will be limited. You can look for bargain suits, but fit and comfort should always be your top priority. A nice suit can last for years and is worth a little extra cash (especially when it makes you look and feel fabulous). Here are a few tips to help you find a suit that flatters your figure:

  1. Appear Slimmer: choose darker colors, especially in areas you want to camouflage and stick with matte fabrics that don’t have a lot of sheen. Also, don’t draw attention to your widest body part. Vertical stripes are your friend, horizontal are your foe (particularly when placed at your widest point).
  2. Thick Middle or Stomach: try diagonal and vertical stripes or fabrics that stretch to hold in the area.
  3. Short Legs: try styles with higher cut bottoms.
  4. Long Torso: try higher cut bottoms and higher waisted bikinis and tankinis, tank and scoop neck styles.
  5. Short Torso: try lower cut bottoms and lower waisted bikinis (boy shorts, hipsters), deeper v-necks and vertical stripes.
  6. Big Arms/Broad Shoulders: try halter style suits and those with wider vertical straps and v-necks.
  7. Large Hips and Bottom: try short-style, sarong and skirted bottom suits, deep v-neck styles that draw attention away from your lower body.
  8. Small Bust: look for ruching and gathering on top or lightly padded, printed suits and steer clear of the bandeau style tops.

Better hurry up and get shopping!

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