Thursday, May 24, 2007

Latest Obsession Update - Summer Handbags

Alright, so I must admit that I gave up on my purchase of a new handbag. I posted recently about my great finds, and they are still great, but I am always wondering if there is a better deal out there. Enter my new Sierra Trading Post catalog. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this store, they are similar to Overstock or Smartbargains and sell discount designer merchandise. They tend to have higher quality, classic items rather than the more trendy stuff and you can snap up some super deals. Plus, if you are a classy kind of gal, many of these bargain items will stand the test of time.

Take for instance the Sak Classic Hobo Bag in Grey Metallic. Hot this year, but maybe not so much the following year. But you can bet that the classic style of the bag will endure and you can continue to add it to your wardrobe as necessary.

Always, always check out this site if you are looking to add timeless, good quality pieces to your wardrobe. Not sure what to look for? Timeless pieces include; basic wrap dresses, sheath dresses at knee length, A-line and pencil skirts with a flat waistband that sit at or slightly below knee length, straight and bootlegged trousers with a flat waist, single-breasted blazers that end slightly below the hip line, basic camisoles and simple, tailored blouses.

Oh yeah, I did snap up that red hobo bag from I love it! Great buy and perfect for the summer plus I love the bright color and nylon outer.

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