Friday, January 11, 2008

The Depths of a Shallow Fashion Blog

There is more to us than meets the eye. The Lady is comprised of three sisters, Michelle, Jessica, and Stephanie. We are all Moms and have almost 7 children between the ages of 0 and 11 among us. Michelle is the mind behind the Lady - 90% of the content swims in her head. Jessica and Stephanie have actual lives. They don’t live in the E-world, but they get sucked in to help. Jessica is ambitiously pursuing two careers, is pregnant (due in March) and plans to become a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom). Stephanie has three children in elementary school and is in college full-time pursuing her dream of becoming a nurse.

So what drives us further into the depths of fashion? Ask Michelle: "To be a part of the fashion world has been my dream since the age of 12. I never pursued a career in fashion because my parent’s were not fond of the idea, so I swayed towards computers because I had a knack for learning code and teaching software. I continued to study fashion like a fiend and it has always been a part of my life - not in a “I look better than you way”, but in an artistic “the color and drape of your dress is striking” kind of way. I admire women who have personal style and understand what looks great on their body, not an idealized form. It is always better to follow your inner fashion mind instead of celebrity looks and fads."

I sketched fashion designs when I was a teen (it’s okay to laugh, it was the 80s and I was only 13):I paint with acrylics (I started painting in 2001 right after the birth of my son). The building was my first attempt (I hated this painting). I actually sold my second painting (a field of tulips) and wish I had kept it.

This is my favorite because of the color:

I sketch my kids frantically while getting them juice and watching them play:

I tried to paint my son once - it was difficult and I ended up creating a deformed club hand!

I write songs and poetry but will not completely reveal myself to the public!

Art, music and fashion will always move my soul. I love expressing emotion, movement and contrast through painting and sketching. I also enjoy finding that perfect dress or pair of shoes. My creative endeavors keep me alive and will take on many different forms throughout my lifetime. Currently, that form happens to be Lady Language.


mama's got moxie said...

so cool that you all were able to find an outlet for your passion!

Lady Language said...

thanks moxie!

Lesha said...

I love the paintings and drawings. :)

LceeL said...

My Dear Michelle,

Don't EVER stop painting. You stuff is great. And I love your sketches of the kids. That's something I still can't do. I envy you your ability to draw the human form.

Lady Language said...

Thanks lesha!
Louis, you are too kind. I will probably pick up painting again soon but I have been drawing since I was a child (mostly animals and human forms - which is why I do alright in that area).