Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Would You Pay $895 For This?

I often look to designer fashion for inspiration, particularly when buying for the store. I can't help but cringe when I see the prices on many of these items - what goes through a woman's mind when purchasing such a piece? I don't get it. Even if I had $900 clams to blow on a chiffon tank top from Stella McCartney, I would not. Okay, take away a zero and MAYBE I would jump. I guess it is no different than buying expensive cars, handbags or TVs. But then again, I don't buy that stuff either. I have a 1997 Toyota Avalon that I hope survives another few years and our big screen TV from 1999 is a whopping 25 inches. Most of the clothing I acquire is thrifted, on sale at a huge discount (yes I do have some BCBG and Cynthia Steffe in my closet), or from affordable online boutiques.

I don't get emotional when it comes to purchasing clothing - I see a need, I fill a need. Although I do like to obsess about fashion (but it is more of an artistic obsession), I don't have to have the latest designer styles. So what goes through a woman's mind when she blows that kind of cash? Has anyone out there spent a small fortune on an article of clothing lately? Leave me a comment and let me know what it was and why you did it.


Jessi said...

If I had that much money to blow, I could get an *entirely* new wardrobe...plus some, because well, I'm a cheap shopper and don't spend much on clothes. With nearly a thousand dollars for clothes, I'd be swarming in clothes. Geesh.

Lady Language said...

jessi - I'm with ya - excellent point!

Reluctant Blogger said...

Gosh no I would never spend that much on an item of clothing. I buy quite expensive shoes/boots but not to that degree.

I always feel great if I find a real bargain - I always boast about how cheap it was, rather than how expensive.

I don't even like that top!

calgirl said...

It's tough when an accessory is beautiful but will cost more than my family's monthly grocery bill.

the iron chic said...

What goes through a person's mind is the illusion of buying into a certain lifestyle. There is no justifiable reason why a yard of chiffon should be $900. It's not covered in diamonds or anything.

Linda said...

Clothes have the highest mark-up in price compared to other products, especially designer ones. Honestly, it probably cost next to nothing to make yet they charge so much.

I agree with the iron chic, many people buy clothes at outrageous prices to feel 'expensive', for a lack of better term. It's as if it can raise their social status, since many people obsess over that although may not admit it.

Lady Language said...

reluctant - I agree with you, much better to spend the cash on shoes and I love finding the bargains.
calgirl - so it's family first, lavishness second for you too? Glad we have our priorities straight!
iron chic - I always forget about the lifestyle thing - maybe I would buy into it more if I lived in LA or New York instead of WI?? Nah, probably not, I am too self respecting.
linda - you're right, as iron chic said, there is no reason it should cost that much. The price and label must make people feel special. But man, if I wore that top I wouldn't feel special - in fact, I'd feel nervous fearing someone would brush against me and soil my expensive top!

Fashion and Drama said...

Never have, never will buy something this expensive. Basic economic law businesses will price items the maximum anyone is willing to pay. Guess that means a lot of ladies out there will shell out $900 woah!

Love your post! Another question for these overspending women, what do you do for a living??? I'm in! Lol