Sunday, February 24, 2008

Daylight Savings Give Away

Daylight Savings begins March 9th and we all need some extra daylight here in the North. So to celebrate, we are holding another give away and this time, we will announce THREE winners. All you need to do is leave a comment on any of our blog posts over the next two weeks. Each comment counts as one entry - so the more comments you leave, the more chances you have to win:

1. The winner will get to choose any item(s) they want from our store until they reach a total of $75.

2. Second place gets a super soft tank top from Rebecca Beeson (your choice, black or white)

3. Third place wins a pair of earrings (our surprise choice).

So join the fun and thanks for visiting our blog! The winner will be announced right here, Sunday night, March 9th.


LceeL said...

I hope I win second place. I look so manly in black.

Jenna Z said...

oooh, wow! And it's a good thing I read this post, I didn't have daylight savings written on my calendar! :)

the iron chic said...

I finally checked out your store.
I think for some reason, in my head you had an actual store somewhere.
Your store link is buried with your other links and I'm stupid.
Anyhoo that black crochet detail dress is super nice.
And it's $19??!!
I might have to get that.
Or win it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda said...

Same here...I didn't realize daylight savings was coming up so soon. Feels like we just changed the time last week. LOL.

Emily said...

Daylight Savings already?? Wow!! Oh wait, they did push it up a bit.

Lady Language said...

lou - LOL - I'll have to find something manly for you if you win.

jenna - thanks for visiting and it's hard to believe it's only 2 weeks away.

iron chic - Thanks for checking out the store. The item you speak of is pretty cool but I think it is almost sold out (holiday style) I was actually on your Etsy site a while back (jealous that you sew - I need to get back into it) and saw that cute ivory sweater dress you put together. It was too small for me though :)

linda - I feel like I am wrong, but it says so on my calender!

emily - I think they did push it up a few weeks beginning last year. I always remember it being the first Sunday in April or something like that.

Thanks everyone for commenting!

sassy said...

Ooh ! If it's as cute as the red dress count me in !

the iron chic said...

Oh yeah, etsy. *underwhelmed sigh*
I kind of let that one go because it is so saturated.
I think people just look at those dresses and are like "I'll just copy it" or something.
I sell a ton in this store near my house though...I think people need to try them on.

Slutty McWhore said...

Ooh, I love competitions, but I don't think I'll win. I used up all my Sagittarian lucky streaks as a child.

moushka said...

YIPEE SKIPEE another Giveaway!

Did you also see that Easter is early this year? It's on 3/23.

tatiana said...

oh yay, another give away! even with three winners, i'll have to place better than i did last time... ninth does not a winner make.

Arlina said...

Wow, it's that time again already?!

So a contest...that's so exciting! Yay!


MR style said...

it's sad it's a game only for girls !!!!

calgirl said...


3. Royal Blue & Go Blue

calgirl said...

Lady Language has the best prizes

java said...

ah...a great welcome to the government mandated twist of time to give us more daylight hours to work & play! cool!

Sandy C. said...

Fun! Can't wait for both the giveaway and extra daylight :)

Lady Language said...

Sassy - I don't know if anything tops that red dress!

Iron Chic - Etsy does seem a bit saturated, but then again the whole fashion market is. It's surprising how many women don't know what looks good on them or which size they need - makes it much harder to buy without trying on.

Ms. McWhore - Your luck might turn around here - this is a blog commenting contest only and I don't have a ton of commenters - just the best of the best here :)

Moushka - it's just not right, Easter should be in April :)

Tatiana - I have my fingers crossed for you - hey, at least you made it in the top 10 right?

Lady Language said...

Arlina - Winter seems so long - daylight savings does kind of creep up on you suddenly.

Mr. Style - Don't worry, if one of my guys wins, I will find a suitable alternative to women's clothing. I do enjoy your blog and appreciate your comments!

CalGirl - Need more gals like you commenting with their choices - helps tremendously when buying Thanks!

Java - I think they need to do away with daylights savings - maybe we would all be a little less depressed in the Winter time, eh?

Sandy - If you win, you'll have to pick something that will scare those ghosties away :)

Amy said...

This is such a great idea!

Lady Language said...

Amy - Welcome and thanks for commenting!

Jessi said...

Haha. I was working my way back through your most recent posts to here, so it looks like my commenting was more than just wanting to share my opinion and encouragement...yay for chances to win prizes!

Lady Language said...

Jessi - Now I know that isn't true! Besides, you already won so what are your chances of winning again soon - LOL!!

Your input is GREATLY appreciated over here and it helps this blog take shape and encourages me to write for real people and not just rehash what's in the fashion magazines!