Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Q&A - More Outfits Please

Q: Are you going to put together any Spring outfits for the store? It's nice to have the option and not worry about pulling stuff together on my own. Also, it would be cool to see some of your suggestions on the blog. Thanks!

A: We had great success with our Outfits in the store but to tell you the truth, it was a lot of maintenance for us. We had to track our stock on the items individually and in the outfits category - our current e-commerce platform couldn't do both. I know it seems lazy on our part, but until we upgrade to a more user friendly platform we may not be doing this for a while. Maybe I can incorporate outfit suggestions on the blog for those who enjoy it. Also, you should check out other blogs that focus completely on this subject such as Fashion Under $100,and The Frugal Fashionista. I am sure there are more out there, so if anyone has suggestions, please leave me a comment!


Jessi said...

I think blogging about suggestions would be a good idea. Sometimes putting together outfits 'for' someone is great...but it's also good to understand 'why' they work and who they work for. If putting a little more time into a blog post helps balance out the hassle and frustration that is your current store platform, then more power to you. :D

Lady Language said...

Jessi - Thanks for the input. I like the idea of building outfits for a specific body type and I find that even though I could put more effort into the store - I don't have nearly enough selection to help everyone (you know what I mean)? Plus, I love the interaction here.

It would also be nice on the blog platform to pull ideas from other stores and include options for plus sizes and petites and target specific problem areas. So we'll see what happens...