Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me And My Drum

There are several blogs that I frequent on a weekly basis and some of you may be surprised to know that they are not about fashion. One of my favorites is Me And My Drum which focuses on blogging tips, software reviews and general discussion/entertainment. The first time I visited the blog, I left a comment regarding my difficulty coming up with new domain name ideas. The owner of the blog, Mark, kindly responded to me by email within a few hours including a list of available names to spark my creative juices. He is on my short list of super nice guys in the blogosphere and deserves some attention.

His flagship blog is celebrating its one year birthday in February so please stop by and say hello. While you're there, enter his birthday contest to win 1,000 Entrecard credits and a review of your blog on Me And My Drum.


LceeL said...

Ba rum pa pum pum.

Cool site.

Lady Language said...

lou - thanks for checking it out!

Mark said...

Hi Lady Language!!!

I remember your email from way back then. I'm so flattered by your kind words. Thank you so much! Looks like you have things hoppin' over here. That's awesome. :)

Lady Language said...

Mark - Thanks for dropping in! We keep fairly busy now between the store and the blog - no time to work on any of those other domains :)