Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Q&A - Advice For Rounder Shapes

Q: I am having a hard time finding clothes that fit well and look nice on me. I am short and more “round” with not much of a waist and about a size 10. I couldn’t find my “type” on your site and was hoping you could recommend some styles. I've been told to wear babydoll or empire waist styles but I look pregnant in them.

Currently, our site focuses on three major body types, Pear, Hourglass and V-shape. We also provide an area with fit solutions. We realize that there are a lot of body type variations we don't fully cover and are more than happy to help. I would describe your body type as an apple (or as you said, round) and depending on the babydoll or empire style, you add bulk to your thick waist. Try these recommendations and see if you find a better alternative:

Tops: V-neck and deep scoop neck styles will create the illusion of a waist. Higher collars will bring attention to your neck and face and away from the middle. Tunics work nicely if your torso is shorter and you have longer legs. Interest in the sleeves such as dolman, raglan or bell shaped can be flattering. Tight tops and sleeves do not work well. Try this Dolman Sleeve top $58 from Anthropologie:
Jackets: Styles with structure and matte fabrics and nipped waists. Try a simple fitted blazer like this Stretch Broadcloth Jacket on sale for $58 from Max Studio:
Dresses: Shift dresses with princess seams or those that have a defined waist are polished and sleek. Try v-neck wrap dresses or scoop neck shirt dresses and anything cut on the diagonal. Strapless dresses can look amazing on your body type if you have nice shoulders and arms (or add a short cardigan). Keep the patterns medium sized in soft colors like this floral strapless dress $29 from ladylanguage:
Bottoms: A-line and straight skirts with a flat front (no pockets or sashes) and straight bootcut pants work well on your body type. Keep the skirts at knee length. Wool Bootcut Trousers on sale for $39 from ladylanguage:


CastoCreations said...

LOVE that dress! And the shirt. So beautiful.

I have a weird body and hate finding cute clothes that fit properly but I think that both of those would be good. =)

Lady Language said...

castocreations - Thanks! I love that green top too, and we had a similar dress last Summer that sold out within a month. I made sure to buy more this year - it's just cute all around :)

LceeL said...

So ... what do you do for us 'Archie Bunker' types??

Lady Language said...

Lou - LOL! Stick with a white tee and some plaid pants and you're good to go :)

Laarnaay said...

I love the dress so much.

LceeL said...

You obviously don't watch many movies, because there's one out there about a certain type of people that "Don't Wear Plaid", and since I don't want to be one of them, I will NOT wear plaid below the waist. Not on your life. Or mine.

Lady Language said...

Laarnaay - Thank you!

Lou - You're right! I am out of touch with TV and movies and it shows in my suggestions, LOL! I used to catch reruns of Archie Bunker and thought he wore plaid pants? I can picture him in the white top (or tank??) and it's hard to remember the pants. Certainly, please, don't take my advice on plaid below the waist!!

Jessi said...

I have never found a babydoll that doesn't make me look pregnant. Even after losing some weight, it never fails that I look like I've got one on the way....and not just a tiny baby bump either. :(

As for that green tunic, I think it's cute, but you've gotta be careful. A lot of people try to wear those sash/belt type things too low, and if you're a rounder body shape, that calls *attention* to your roundness and bulging waistline. Just gotta make sure it's higher up to get that smaller waist illusion going on or you end up with the opposite of what you're hoping for, lol.

Lady Language said...

Jessi - LOL about your trouble with the babydoll style! And I agree with the sash thing - this one looked like it was higher up but you do have to be careful.