Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Perfect Handbag...Part Three

We have learned how to spot affordable quality and timeless silhouettes. We have covered the most common types of handbags and how to choose the perfect one based on your lifestyle and body type. We should also point out that above all your personal style rules. And a final tip, a big bag will make anyone look smaller and they are a hot style in 2008. So get ready for one of our longest shopping posts EVER...

Favorite Online Handbag Stores
Online boutiques carrying affordable handbags and designer deals:
6PM, Ebags, ChineseLaundry, Endless, DivaBoutiques, ElliotLucca, SmartBargains, MyPurseWorld, DesignerExposure, ShopSuey, BagBorrowOrSteal, BagHaus, InTheBag,

Favorite Handbag Blogs
We don't provide daily or weekly coverage on handbags, but we follow these sites and highly recommend them:
The The Purse Blog, The Bag Snob, and two new promising break-outs Never Enough Bags, and A Little Bag Obsessed.

Our Favorite Selections
Handbags we like categorized by bag type and lowest to highest price:


$108 - Jessica Simpson Delfina Flap


$52 - Ava Tote
$65 - Small Patch Tote

$114.50 - Gianni Bini Jackson Shopper$220 - Chanel Bowling Bag

$298 - Elliott Lucca Aruba Woven Tote$440 - Bottega Veneta Nappa Tote$500- Patent Leather Hayden Tote


$27.77 - Nine West Braided Satchel

$48 - Butterfly Satchel
$69 - Nine West Patent Croc Satchel

$69 - Tianni Leather Domed Satchel

$199 - Cole Haan Leather Satchel

$199 - The Sac Peace Satchel

$358 - Coach Hampton Satchel

$899 - Fendi Brown Logo Design Canvas SatchelHobo

$59.99 - Sigrid Olsen Mahe Leather Hobo
$75.90 - BCBGirls Midtown Hobo

$78 - Chinese Laundry Large Double Strap Hobo
$99 - Nine West Suede Hobo

$149 - Cole Haan Kaylie Small Hobo

$179 - Gianni Bini Madison Hobo

$25 - Big Buddha Quilted Satin Clutch
$35 - Satin Clutch with Rhinestone Clasp$48 - Lambskin Quilted Framed Clutch

$99 - Calvin Klein Snakeskin Clutch

$100 - Yoelle Wristlet

Whew! Aren't you glad we don't do this everyday? Me too. So, I am in need of a new Spring/Summer bag that will last me while. I have one of these in mind, can you guess which one? I'll give you a hint - the bags I choose fit my body type of tall and thin. The first person to comment and guess my choice correctly will win a surprise! ***UPDATE - Linda over at Delicous Scent has guessed correctly - the Cole Haan Satchel. Also, our next contest will include purses, so don't miss it!


Nicola Pedley said...

I'm soooo in love with the Jessica Simpson range at the moment!

Linda said...

Oki...I am going to give it a try. You are probably going to go for a tote or a satchel? I came to this conclusion from reading hangbag lesson number 2. (Note that I am just trying my best to guess!) :P

Lady Language said...

Nicola - Me too! I must admit I didn't like last year's styles, but she has some classy, nice quality stuff.

Linda - You are guessing right. I'll give yet another hint - it's in the satchels...

Linda said...

Ok...I stared at all the satchels for a while and clicked on the links for the ones without an image. I noticed that the link to Coach Hampton Satchel isn't working anymore (just FYI).

I'm going to guess Cole Hann leather satchel. Actually, I was trying to pick between this one and two other ones. I re-read your post and you mentioned that you needed something for Spring/Summer, and one that will last you for a while. So there's my thinking process. LOL.

Lady Language said...

Linda - I am amazed at your commenting speed and level of commitment. You must have been teacher's pet, huh?

And, you are most certainly correct! Although I was considering this style in the red clay versus the chamois. I have your address don't I? Your surprise will be sent tomorrow!

Linda said...

Amazing! How did you know? Yes, I was a teacher's pet back in elementary and high school (took a break in middle school, it was a rather tiring task...haha). I don't think I was in college, though. LOL. Also, I've been told I am a very dedicated person. :P

And woohoo! Wow...did I mention that I never won anything except for a video game five years ago? I'm not very lucky at things like that. So...thank you in advance for the surprise! And yes, you do have my address. Let me know if you need again. :)

CastoCreations said...

Oh wow...I love some of those purses. I just bought a handmade purse on Etsy that I am in LOVE with. Not sure if knitted purses are last year's style but I'm generally a couple seasons behind. LOL And it is so stunningly made. I love it!

I do have my eye on a nice big bag at the end of May (once I meet a certain goal) so I'm definitely going to have to start shopping now. :)

Lady Language said...

castocreations - I should look at Etsy more often as there are some terrific handmade goods out there...but then again, that is another post!

the iron chic said...

It's in the mail already.....with a note that says it was a Thrift Star of the week!
Let me know when you get it....

Lady Language said...

iron chic - You so rock! I'll let you know the second it arrives.

Chic Girl said...

Come visit my website in the next month. My Denise Tjarks reversible handbags are arriving from Hawaii soon. People are crazy about these bags. They fly out of my store. Once people buy one, they keep coming back for more.

Lady Language said...

chic girl - Thanks for the heads up! Sounds like a great line and we will definitely be over to check it out. Besides, I have my eye on one of your tees!

Lady Language said...

Linda - I knew it! I guess we both have a sixth sense or something :) And, your luck is obviously changing!

Linda said...

I just received the surprise gift last night. Thank you so much! My luck is definitely changing here. You are awesome! :P

Jennifer said...

lady language: thanks so much for the shout out! It's really appreciated!
BTW great bag choices!

Lady Language said...

Jennifer - Well deserved! I really enjoy your blog and am impressed by your finds. Keep it up!