Thursday, November 1, 2007

Flowers For The Bride

I have had years of experience in customer service of one type or another. I have worked in a couple local boutiques selling clothing and accessories and more recently I am at a dental office working with patients and insurance...boring!

I like to think I have a creative side and enjoy my time spent with Lady Language. I love helping people express their personal style, boost their confidence with a new look and match people up with a new favorite item. I am always on the lookout for a line that our customers would be excited for. My other creative outlet is helping a previous employer/friend at her floral and gift shop. Saturday mornings I help bring the special ingredients to brides and their weddings.

The special ingredients are the amazing flowers and accessories we use to personalize the wedding and reception sites. Some of these events are only a couple months in the making, most are a year or more. I love being a part of this because I get an insight to the bride and grooms personal tastes. And let me tell you, the bigger the budget does not always mean better. I have seen some fabulous events on a shoe string and lots of creativity.

After we pack everything up from the store the bride and attendants are usually our first stop. This is my favorite because I get a glimpse of the bride and her dress. The best part is handing her the bouquet. This is the centerpiece for the day and besides the dress, says the most about the brides style and personality. I find myself holding back tears as they fall in love with it. Recently, I presented a bride with her bouquet. The base was adorned with her late Nana's jewelery. That was a Kleenex moment. I was crushed a couple weeks ago when I arrived at the bridal suite with the bouquet I so carefully tended to on the drive over, the mother wouldn't let me in to give it to bride! It was then I realized how much I enjoyed that part of my service.

I am reflecting on this because yesterday I was asked to share a customer experience. At first I was sure I had nothing interesting to share, except whether you should get that dental work done this year or wait til your benefits renew in January. But I am happy to say I get to help women get in touch with their style...with clothes, accessories and flowers on their most special day.

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crazybabyz said...

Dental Insurance?!? Why you silly LADY...You are SOOOO over qualified! Lets open up a little boutique of our own. ~ Oh, dear, almost forgot...I really want to win something fun!