Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Weekly Dose of...Spreading the Love

Here we are already, another holiday season is upon us! I love everything about the next couple months. The preparation, the entertaining, the excuse to see friends and family and eat way more than we should. I love the whole shopping and gift giving part of the holidays keeping it simple, affordable and low stress. That's the practical side of me.

I'm not gonna lie, we live on a tight budget. I have learned to get creative with the season in my decorating and gift giving. I have fun with it. A part of the holidays I would like to embrace a little more this year is the "giving" aspect. As a mother, I want to show my daughter through example how to give from the heart. I am thinking of more than just gifts. Finding a couple charities and donating more than just dollars...because to be honest, when it comes down to it, that is my hang up. I don't have the money to hand over but I do have the heart.

I have a couple ideas so far. I would like to take all of the many hotel toiletries my husband has collected on his work travels and donate them to a local women's shelter along with some clothes I am ready to part with (but still fashionably acceptable, of course). Also, our family has a bunch of unused coats that can be put to good use this winter.

I would love to call on all of our blog friends in this pre-holiday time to share with each other creative ways we can spread some love over the next couple months. I know I would appreciate some tips and suggestions of ways we can easily give to others, even if we don't necessarily have the extra funds.

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