Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The party look for less...Much less

Shop Bop has fabulous wears, no doubt. But the prices always send me into sticker shock.

Check out my latest find.
Lady Language has a very similar Platinum Party dress for a fraction of the look-a-like Strappy Bow Dress at Shop Bop.


charlene.sarmiento@goodwill.org said...

I know a great vintage chanel purse that would look great with that dress! It is from shopgoodwill.com, which is the first and only non-profit internet auction site. It will be re-launched on Tuesday, December 3rd and has some fabulous fashion finds. Proceeds from this purse and other treasures benefit Goodwill Industries’ job training and other programs.

Bidding for that Chanel purse ends at 6:19am tomorrow, pacific time. Here's the link: http://www.shopgoodwill.com/viewitem.asp?itemid=3183967

Happy shopping!

Jessi said...

I actually like Lady Language's version a bit better...and I certainly love that price! Lol.

Lady Language said...

Thanks for the shopping tip, Charlene - we will be sure to check out the purse and other auction goodies at the site!

Jessi - you are too sweet (we kind of like ours better as well)