Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Oh The Colors You'll See

I have been reading way too much Dr. Suess lately and I shouldn't be aloud to post late at night. I think the mini milky way bars that I have stolen from the kids' trick-or-treat bags are making me semi-delirious. Anyway, I had a few questions regarding the leggings we featured in the black sweater dress post. So where online do you find almost any style and color in an opaque tight or spandex legging? Here are our faves:

1. We Love Colors - has by far the most extensive selection in styles, colors and patterns. For example, if you really wanted to freak someone out and damage their vision - these vertical, jagged striped tights accomplish both (ouch, I feel those milky ways coming up).
2. Hue - is where we found those great multi-color striped sweater tights.
3. American Apparel - duh, they always have the basics you crave.

Happy tight hunting - it's getting cold out there!

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Anonymous said...

I love mini milky way bars, yummmmmm! Have a great Thursday!