Thursday, November 15, 2007

To Vest or Not to Vest

We are seeing a lot of vests on the fashion landscape lately. My pal Amber seems to like them and most recently thrifted a blue beauty and layered it over a cowl neck tunic. I have seen them layered on top of one another, and I have also seen them worn over a skimpy tank top or with nothing at all. I must admit, the vest reminds me of 80s alternative rock bands, but I was unable to find a good picture, so check out this 80s cover band I came across for a really good laugh. Vests are popular again due to the strong menswear influence this season but don't invest (ha,ha) too much as this may be a passing trend. Here are some of my current vested inspirations:

I could work this - vest over big warm turtleneck sweater. I love the shoes and doesn't yinse resemble Hillary Duff here?

Little black shortie vest worn casually with a white tee, jeans and black pumps. So chic and pulled together by thoseshoes.aremine

Polished yet feminine - love the neutrality, the layers, a la The Coveted.

So how do you wear your vest? Or is this a trend that you will surely pass by?


Anitra ( said...

I don't have any vests... but I like the look of the last photo. This might mean that I need to go shopping.

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Anonymous said...

I am a bit of a vest fan, I must admit. I wear little else all summer . But I have never tried wearing them over things in the winter. Perhaps I should?
I shall have to go and lie down now though - I had no idea the 80s had ended. When did that happen?
Brilliant vid by the way.

Lady Language said...

Hi Anitra and thanks for visiting - if you go shopping and see any good vests, let me know!

Crescenet - I haven't included internet/phone businesses in our blogroll, but will check out the site and consider it - obrigado, prazer em ve-lo.

Gina - glad you liked the video and don't worry, the 80s are back!