Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Weekly Dose of...Spice

Need a little extra spice in your life? I certainly don’t, especially not after seeing the new Spice Girls video - friends forever or whatever it's called. Don’t get me wrong, I like each spice girl as an individual, but collectively, I can’t stomach them. My 4 year old daughter has more talent than these five put together. But seriously, the song is insipid and the video is bordering on lesbian-eroticism (not that I even know much about this subject). Of course, only the skinny girls get to bare it all, hugging the walls in their bra with that come hither look. In reality, it seems that these lovely thirty-something gals are feeling the aging effects the same as the rest of us (thank you make-up and lighting!). And where did Victoria get that bondage outfit from - surely Marc Jacobs would think twice about using her as his runway model if he saw this. And what does Mr. Beckham think about his wife portraying such a slut - she has three children for pete’s sake (now I sound like my Mother). I actually like Victoria Beckham - I don’t know her, but she seems like a nice English girl who is just trying to live life and get paid. I admittedly liked the other Spice Girl songs back in the 90s and they really could have left it at that. BTW, my laptop speakers stopped working right after I launched this video. Coincidence? I think not.


Anonymous said...

Hi there I have strayed here after being tagged by Nancy (unlike you I have not yet done my seven things - so hard to think of them).

I only managed about 1 min of the Spice Girls video - but I have to say it reminded me of the M&S underwear ads that are on TV at the moment.

One wonders why they do it when they cannot possibly need either more money or more fame!!?

Anyway, nice to "meet" you. I may pop by from time to time.


Anitra said...

Howdy... I've actually thought the exact opposite for Victoria B. She just doesn't seem that smart to me..., hmmm but now I'm taking that back. Maybe she IS smart, since she's made a career out of being beautiful, a Spice Girl, and David B's wife. For some reason my gut just screams "i don't like that girl". Ugh, am I being jealous? [insert nervous laugh here]

Lady Language said...

Nice to meet you too Gina - found my way to your blog (even though you are in hiding :)
Anitra - I used to feel the same way, but then I realized I was just jealous of her small frame and ability to wear anything, plus the fact that she has three kids, David Beckham and a seemingly fabulous life. I saw her interviewed on David Letterman and she seemed very sweet.

Anonymous said...

Hi there Michelle,
I linked to your piece here about the Spice Girls in my latest offering which is mostly about Amy Winehouse.

I hope you don't mind.


carlaj22 said...

All I really know about the Spice Girls I learned watching Dancing with the Stars. I'm just following the Randomizer wherever it takes me. Trying to make some new friends, experience diverse opinions. Hope you'll drop by my blog sometime and say Hi.

Lady Language said...

Hi again Gina - thanks for the reference - I enjoyed reading about Amy.

Carla - thanks for dropping by - I love the randomizer. I can't find you though because your profile isn't public - would love to visit your blog and say hello.

Meghan said...

My 4 year old daughter has more talent than these five put together.

I imagine she does. And then some.

jenn said...

I *never* got the whole Spice Girls concept, but I understand the whole comeback concept even less. And, this song is such a poor way to go about it!